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I have had several interests with programming , linux, electronics(somewhat rusty) and railways as the primary ones. I have used linux for a long time and do all my programming stuff on that (altho did investigate msys/mingw for windows).

A recent interest was peak oil , which is a major problem that is going to hit britain relatively soon, but there is no sign of any activity by the govt . This govt headed by Crash Gordon is the original 3 monkeys govt : see no troubles , hear no troubles , speak no troubles. By which I mean that it doesnt want to see any looming troubles like the so called credit crunch or especially peak oil, it doesnt want to be told about any troubles , again peakoil was a major example, and sure as hell wont tell the people about any problems heading our way ... Gordon is infallible , he never gets anything wrong nor makes mistakes , praise be the Lord !
My peak oil page was written earlier this year and I had expected to update it frequently , but other things have got in the way.

another subject that was of interest is the expected house price crash and the recesssion . Fred Harrison has a theory of a 18 year cycle of house prices which come to apeak and then crash . The house price crash then triggers a recession . For a prophetic article written in 2005 , see

A link to the the houseprice crash site :

My work on my railway simulator has ground to a halt.

I did write an annotator for strace which is available under the gpl. I called the project "stan" which is an STrace ANnotator . It is an exe file which takes normal strace output and annotates it to make it simpler to follow . Sadly there was not any response to this so it was not developed . I do use it when I use strace (not very often these days) , but the last time it fell over (July 2007), prompting me to clean it up . It now uses STL containers rather than my own versions, and the class member naming conventions have changed to improve readability. Nother fix in aug 2008 . Some info here and the .bz2 file to compile it from.

I also wrote a first pass at a path conversion lib for msys/mingw which I profiled etc and had reasonable performance (not on this website currently) . However it got zero response from the project leader so hard to tell whether he was struck dumb with the sheer beauty of it, or something else :-).
so who knows ?

One other item is an nfs check list to debug nfs problems, which I wrote some time ago when I used to follow the coln news group, but as my (nfs) system works, It is fairly old but still useful ... I still use it when setting up any nfs exporting systems .

My son has written a commercial 3d model painting prog which he has called Future paint 3d , which is available in a 'lite' and a 'pro' version. It works only on windows and requires a graphics card with support for pixel shader 2.0 . His website is

The long sorry saga of a citroen xsara td estate that I bought and a strong recommendation for a car mechanic in the Eastleigh, Fair Oak, Southampton area .

The tale of a recent upgrade from a 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 kernel on the same system (Slackware 11) and the problems I encountered.

The tale of a recent upgrade to Slackware 12.1 to hopefully allow me to get the geda 'pcb' program to run , and the problems I encountered.

Some ramblings about attempting to save power on a a7v333 mobo using a mobile athlon processor .

Steve Houseman
currently steve at houseman demon co uk

thurs 30 oct 2008